Grappler 450 – Partially assembled, crated and shipped with 3% convenience fee for credit card payment

The Grappler 450 box flipper package includes everything for an average forklift operator to flip and nest boxes. Air compressor not included. Easy to assemble. Adjust the position of the slide stop, connect to your air compressor and begin flipping boxes. Partially assembled price $3,450.00 + crating & shipping. Deduct $120 for payment by check.

Product Details

Grappler 450 - Fully Assembled

Package Includes:

  • Partially Assembled Grappler 450 Pneumatic Box Flipper
  • Hand actuator and stand
  • Adjustable pull stops for box referencing


Weight: 550 lbs

Dimensions: 90" × 48" × 15"

Forks less than 44 inches require extensions to adequately support the seed box structure when the fork standoff is in place.  Any extension will work or we can provide them (see accessories).

$ 3,995.00 USD
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This product includes:
Grappler 450 Push Stop Configuration
One-Year Warranty

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