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The Grappler 450 Box Flipper

Seed Box System
Simple to Use
Economically Priced
One-Year Warranty
See The Grappler Advantage
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The patented system saving the shoulders, backs, and fingers of seed box handlers everywhere.
Farm Seed Box System - The Grappler

The Grappler Advantage

Need to improve efficiency in your flipping process?
Whether you flip more than 150 per day or less than 50 per year,
The Grappler 450 Box Flipper is your simple and cost effective solution.

Ease of Use

One operator on the forklift completes the entire operation from the forklift.


Keep your operator safe on the forklift instead of risking physical harm with the manual flip.

Painless Operating

No back strain with The Grappler! Let compressed air and gravity do the work.

Multiple Functions

Capable of converting from nested-to-storage and from storage-to-nested.

Ready to Go

No forklift modification necessary. Need extensions? We've got 'em.

Thoughtfully Designed

Efficient design with minimal moving parts. Can be shipped partially assembled anywhere in the USA and Canada or picked up or delivered in the bed of a pickup.

2 Package Options

Ships partially assembled and crated anywhere in the contiguous USA and Canada. Fully assembled Grapplers may be picked up in Vincennes, Indiana.

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The Grappler 450 Options

Choose from fully assembled or partially assembled to best fit your operational needs. With a one-year warranty, you can have full confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

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Grappler Testimonials

“The Grappler box flipper has been a huge time and back saver for our seed business. It truly makes it a one-man operation, and my son is able to do a few at a time throughout the season. We no longer have a big pile of them waiting at the end of the season. Our backs are very grateful.”

Jim Farris, Agri-Tech Seed Service

“The Grappler was exactly as advertised. It has helped us process boxes more efficiently. It is nice to be able to talk with Shawn and Greg personally, they listen to feedback.”

Bob Campbell, Campbell Ag Service, LLC

“We purchased The Grappler to have a stand alone flipper vs fork mounted. We found that employees would muscle the boxes manually rather than find the fork mounted flipper. We used The Grappler to un-nest boxes prior to washing. One man could keep ahead of our box washers keeping the process running.”

Brian Bormann, Federal Hybrids

“Excellent product that saves me time and reduces my dependence on part time help. I smile everytime it flips and I don’t have to wrestle a box.”

Brian Roberts, Roberts Seed and Service

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