Ease of Use

One operator completes the entire operation from the forklift.


Keep your operator safe on the forklift instead of risking physical harm with the manual flip.

Painless Operating

No back strain with The Grappler! Let compressed air and gravity do the work.


Converts boxes to and from nested configuration with no machine adjustment

Ready to Go

Doesn't tie up a forklift.  No forklift attachments or modification.

Thoughtfully Designed

Efficient and simple design with minimal moving parts.

Our Testimonials

“The Grappler box flipper has been a huge time and back saver for our seed business. It truly makes it a one-man operation, and my son is able to do a few at a time throughout the season. We no longer have a big pile of them waiting at the end of the season. Our backs are very grateful.”
Jim Farris,
Agri-Tech Seed Service
Warehouse crew love it. No more risk of smashed fingers and efficiency of flipping boxes is way up.”
Peterson Farm Seeds
I smile every time it flips and I don’t have to wrestle a box.”
Brian Roberts,
Roberts Seed and Service
"I really like its simplicity, and some of my drivers have seen other facilities box flippers and commented how simple and easy ours is compared to anything else they have seen out there…Speed is what we like and what we can accomplish with the Grappler..."
Josh Burtch,
Burtch Seed Co.
"The Grappler was built by people, for people. It is nice to be able to talk with Shawn and Greg personally, they listen to feedback."
Bob Campbell,
Campbell Ag Service, LLC

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